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 In the UK there are very few true marbles, but on the beautiful Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland you can find the most fabulous of them all! Formed 500 million years ago, the amazing colours and shapes produced by incredible pressure and time on marine sediments, has created a remarkably beautiful stone used to adorn buildings all over the world.

I was lucky enough to visit the marble quarry on Skye many years ago and collect a large range of different coloured marbles which I have in stock. I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty of these marbles and decided to find a means of displaying this stone to allow everyone to appreciate the beauty as much as I do. 

The 'Skye marble sculpture' concept was formed. I have produced a selection of sculptures varying from conceptual to figurative. 

Skye Causeway  is inspired by the Giants Causeway in Ireland where huge hexagonal columns of basalt thrust skywards from the sea edge. 

Lost in a Forrest where slabs of branch design Skye marbles form a forest, where cabochons of Iona marble are wandering lost in an alien landscape

Sky 'Cabs' the marbles of Skye come in a spectacular range of colours and design and what better way to show a selection of them by raising beautiful cabochons, each different, on plinths also made from Skye marble

Sea Serpents have been part of Scottish folklore for hundreds of years including the Stronsay beast and the Loch Ness monster! The sculpture design shows four different serpents above and below the water

                                                                                                                                 Cave is a reproduction of Fingals cave on the Isle of Staffa where basaltic columns have produced a cave with lava top              

Tilted Blocks is a geometric folly of different Skye marble shapes leaning over and about to fall, but not quite!

All the sculptures are unqiue and are available for purchase, so if you are interested in seeing more pictures or pricing details then please get in touch.

         Skye Causeway                                                         Lost in a Forrest

             Sky 'Cabs'                                                           Sea Serpents


                 Cave                                                                 Tilted blocks

                                            Skye sculptures collection


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